Thursday, 28 June 2012


I’ve been on a hunt for a collapsible bamboo bag for
about 4 years, they’ve been around but for a f**k load
of money.
Typical that the day after my man bought me one from
an Etsy seller in America (that was actually reasonably
priced) for my birthday I found another one here in the
UK for a really good price.
The one I bought arrived yesterday, now I just have to
wait for my birthday to get the second one. :)

Here's my precious:

My lovely friends Roel and Uschi from  Holland got one
each (that's how I first discovered the bag) and my friend
Amanda from LA has got two so next year in Spain we're
gonna have a collapsible bag convention. ;))

Since I'm now a proud owner of a collapsible bag I decided
to start a FB page called The Collapsible Bag Mafia.
If you're a fan or owner of this kind of bag, feel free to put a
like on it. :)


SusieQT said...

Those are cool. Never seen one before, but I'll be on the lookout now!

La Dama said...

Those bags are so amazing!
I never have came across such uniqueness.