Monday, 18 June 2012


Yesterday was pretty warm, at last, so I put on
this vintage dress for the first time.
I got it months ago at the antique market for £2
and I've been itching to wear it but haven't had
the opportunity because it's been raining for so
damn long.
The dress is really summery and so I decided to
match with something else that's really summery,
my ice cream necklace that I made it just before
we went to Spain.

Yes, that's my real tan and also, sorry about the
bra straps... :P


La Dama said...

Oooo that lovely dress goes perfectly with your fab ice cream necklace.reminds of an 80's playsuit I had when I was a kid.
We need to see your pretty self more amor.

Burprags and Bustiers said...

Rascal that necklace is so darn cute!!!! Where do you find all these little food charms??

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love the ice creams! Nearly as good as my burger one ;))