Monday, 27 April 2009


Went to the hospital today.
Got the result from the MRI scan and it was normal.
The doctor didn't think I have Labyrinthitis, as they've
been telling me for 6 months now, but he said that he think
that I might have Vertebrobasilar Migraine.
He's not 100% sure so he will refer me to a neurologist.
I'm fed up with all this crap to be honest.

Got tons of cool finds on the car boot sale yesterday, I will
post pictures tomorrow if I'm up for it and have time.


punk in writing said...

Hope they'll find out what's wrong soon, so they can focus on making you better. :/

Zizzi said...

It must be hard getting different diagnoses. I hope they know for sure soon and that you will get better!

Salla said...

Oh. Hope you feel better soon... :( I have a flu right now and this really sucks! I'm tired but I can't sleep 'cause my nose is clogged... Urghh!!

NormaJeane said...

False diagnoses are really terrible! Hopefully you will soon find out what's the real diagnosis!

Sandy De Luxe said...

You get soo tired of them! Isn't it their job to get it right?
Hope you get better soon!

lisa said...

oj, det måste vara den sortens migrän jag har inser jag nu, har aldrig fått någon annan diagnos än just migrän med aura. Jag får stickningar, sluddrar och tappar känseln innan ett anfall. Jag fick betablockerare i en övergångsperiod. Hoppas du får rätt behandling. Krya på dig!