Thursday, 2 April 2009


Yesterday was a very busy day for me.
First I did the washing up and cleaned the work surfaces,
did a load of wash, then went to my GP to get some more
medication for my Labyrinthitis, then I went home to eat
breakfast, vacuum the house, hang the laundry out to dry
and then Paula picked me up to have a girlie day out with
her and Liz, coffee, gossip and shopping.
Then I came home, had dinner and then off to do the MRI
scan and then I went to evening class.

Here's what I got during our shopping spree yesterday:

Kitchen set, £4

Tea towel, £2.80

Cardigan, £15

Umbrella, £5


Heather said...

hey there Rascal! Thank you for the nice message, it's nice to know other people know what I am talking about :)

Aww your so sweet for making me stuff. I am not sure I kept the email address can you send it again? Actually send the email to both of these addresses, and, the second one is my office email (its ok to send mail there) just in case my home computer breaks down like I think its going to.And I will send you back my Address :) Thanks Rascal your wonderful :)

punk in writing said...

Hope the results of your scan are good and that you get well soon. :)

ismoyo said...

Hope you MRI results will be good.
Sounds like you had a productive day! Love that teatowel you got!

vintage darling said...

sweet stuff, i really like the cardigan!

by the way, i have a new blog now:

Betty Lou said...

underbar kofta. älskar grönt!

Heather said...

P.S I love the tea towel, I have a couple of my old grandmothers towels from the 40's i dont dare use them ever but display them in my kicthen!

sharie said...

Love your umbrella!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Oh. I love the umbrella!

And feel free to use the image in any way that you like :)

Little Rascal said...

Heather: I wouldn't use such a treasures as yours, they've done their job. :)

Punk In Writing: Thanks honey.

Ismoyo: Thank you darling.

Vintage Darling: Thank you. :)

Betty Lou: I got two, thinking about selling one on Tradera.

Sharie: Thanks luv!

The Freelancer's Fashionblog: Thank you so much. Btw, I gave feedback on Etsy yesterday.

Lady Thirty said...

vilka fiina saker!!!

Little Rascal said...

Lady Thirty: Thanks doll! :)