Saturday, 4 April 2009


I knew this morning as I made coffee and fruit salad
that it would be a nice day.
It's been sunny and warm and we took advantage of
every minute of the day.
First we went to a car boot sale in Potters Bar, it was
an indoor car boot sale and so terrible crowded that I
didn't feel like browsing for very long.
I did find a very cool bag and a vintage apron.
Then we went home to eat and then we headed out for
a stroll in Benington Village.

Bag, £1.50

This is Mervin, he's making sure that the village is safe.

I had a Hitchcock moment.

Nice facade.

How cute can it be?

Pretty flowers.

A yellow cottage.

This is Moses, he might not be the prettiest duck but he
sure has a lot of charm.

This is Bruno, he's a nice horse.

This is Sweetheart, she's a really big lady who likes to
scratch her butt against the wooden gate.


Brook said...

hahahah I love the pig!

fröken lila said...

i really start looking forward to moving to britain when i see these pictures.. now, it's not sure when that will happen, but as far as my man is concerned it will happen in the not so very far future, maybe autumn or winter this year..

Little Rascal said...

Brook: She's massive!
It was funny watching her scratch her butt. :))

Fröken Lila: I love the country side in England, it's so picture perfect.
Where are you planning to move, London?

mallis said...

Lovely country pics.

Miss Wink said...

Thank you for my weekly dose of Benington!

I hope that you are aware of that I will force your man to drive us there the minute I step of the coatch bus from Heathrow? ;))

Lo said...

Åh det är verkligen vår, nästan sommar hos dig ju! KRAMAR

Zizzi said...

Nice pictures, as always!