Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Awful migraine day today, nothing at all has been done
around here. The house is a major mess... Uhh...
The shop (from hell) was dead today so my man came
home earlier and crawled into bed with me for a lil' nap
while I watched Desperately Seeking Susan.
DSS was one of my favorite movies as a kid and today
I got a bit sad that the 1980's is over and however hard
you try you can never get it as right as it was back then.
Yes, the 1950's is over as well but you can still get that
period right but the 1980's you just can't recreate.
I love crazy and over the top!

I also fell back in love with Susan's jacket and skull drum
case. Oh my, I got itchy fingers to try to make a replica
of at least one of them, maybe not now but hopefully in
the near future.
I bet there's a dark green lurex/lame' jacket with some
kick ass shoulder pads out there waiting for me; :))

The man behind this iconic jacket is Santo Loquasto and
Michael Roman is the artist who adorned Susan's drum
case and Jim's van with his skulls.

The phrase on the banner beneath the pyramid say's:
Novus ordo seclorum (Latin for "New Order of the Ages")


I need to bring this picture to my local haberdasher. :)

Oh yes, almost forgot...
Check this blog out! It's full to the brim with fun facts
and rare pictures from the film.


Avabunny said...

I love the 80's too!.tho'i'm partial to the seventies as well. I must have watched fast times at ridgemont high like a million times. it's about the seventies,but was made in 1982. I love the music in that movie and the really,really love the high school they all attended.I always wondered if there was a high school out there like it! ,lol.

Tasha VanStone said...

I am Desperately Seeking for a Skull case replica one from the movie Desperately Seeking Susan if you have one for sale please email me ASAP !!!!