Monday, 30 April 2012


The weather this month has been absolutely dreadful!
Because of all this rain the car boot sales has been cancelled
and therefore the lack of finds lately.
Today It's finally sunny and my inspiration is back and so is the
will to go to the gym. After the gym I popped into my favorite
charity shop to leave a few bags of rags and clothes and I did
a good look around, there hasn't been much of a cool selection
of stuff there lately but it's always worth a look.
Here's what I managed to find...

Sunglasses case, 30 pence.
Perfect! I need a few sturdy ones to keep my sunnies in for Spain!

Plastic glitter bowls, 75 pence.
OMG! Plastic stuff with glitter, no way I was gonna leave these behind!
These will be perfect to keep craft items in when I work or ice cream
on a hot sunny day.

Vintage West German jug, £1.
I adopt most things marked West Germany, bot me and my stylish cousin
Carina are fans of WG things.

Vintage Homemaker jug, £1.25.
I don't collect the Homemaker series but I though I'd use it as a vase.

Vintage handkerchief bowl/pot, £1.
Plenty of limescale on the inside rim that really won't 
go away but I don't mind much, it still look fab with my 
homegrown basil.

1 comment:

Solveig A said...

I'm always so floored by the things you find - And the prices! The WG jug is absolutely adorable. :)