Wednesday, 4 April 2012


My man is one heck of a guy!
On Friday he came home with a rather heavy box, it
was for me. Careful, he said...
I almost fainted, the box were full of Pyrex!
Gooseberry and (JAJ) Snowflake to be more specific.
To be honest, I think he's just as excited about Pyrex
as I am. :))

I really have to start looking for glass lids for all my
dishes now...

Click the images for a better view!

You find more of my Pyrex here.

Oh! And don't miss this Pyrex site!


Chrissy88 said...

I have several cute pyrex casserole dishes that I thrifted that are missing the glass lids too. I love the snowflake pattern!

Amy said...

WOW lucky you! I love Pyrex!