Saturday, 21 April 2012


Yesterday we got up early to go to the antique market
before opening the shop.
I was quite restless so I popped by Age UK to say hi to
my friend Flo and to go nuts rummaging through their
box of bangles. (Where I found 4.)
Afterwards I went to Halsey's Deli for a delicious egg n'
mayo sandwich (heaven) and then I scouted some of the
other charity shops in town.
After lunch all our volunteers came into the shop to say
goodbye and gossip. Better co-workers doesn't exist!

Today is the very last day before it turns into a normal
charity shop and it's also the last day for us, well, my
last day was yesterday but today is the last day for my
man. We're both happy not to work there anymore, let's
just say we weren't treated very well...

Anyway, here's what I managed to get my dirty paws on:

Boxed vintage Pyrex, 50 pence.
I’m super happy about this boxed, never used, Pyrex hostess
casserole with metal stand with a candle warmer.

Boxed vintage coffee maker, 50 pence.
This one is also never used. Don't know if it ever will be.

Set of 6 vintage mugs, 20 pence.
Nice and big and never used! They were in their original box
but it had mold
on it and that's nothing I want to keep.

18 part vintage atomic coffee set, £3.
This was a pure impulse buy, I think this might end up at the
Hemsby car boot sale next month.

Basket bag, £1.
Not that I need another bag but... Yeah.

Hardly ever worn Clarks, £3.
Super comfortable! These will go with most of my outfits fall/

Bangle, 35 pence.

Bangle, 35 pence.

Bangle 35 pence.
This coconut bangle will be used frequently in Spain this year
along with my bamboo bangles.

Bangle, 35 pence.
You can't really tell it's carved with metal inlay.


Frocktasia said...

Great finds my dear.
I really love those tea mugs, they are totally ace.
I really hate employers that don't treat their staff right, they are pants and deserve a slap in the face with a wet mullet...and even that is too good for them!
Have a lovely weekend...x

Boo Boo Kitty said...

that carved bangle, i ve got one of those in green with brass inlay, exactly the same, i got it from a dealer who specalised in bakelite at the newark antiques fair, have you tested yours to see if its bakelite?

Avabunny said...

These are really great finds, I'm so jealous. Where I live in new york stuff like that would cost an arm and a leg to buy,lol.

Vintage Coconut said...

Crazy over your pyrex and that coffee percolator. I am on the look out for one of those coffee machines as the one I found last year at a garage sale leaked... *uhggggg* ahhaah

whoaaa tons of great bangles!