Monday, 16 April 2012


Hello there!
Thought it was about time I blogged about some of my
recent finds. It's been a while...

Vintage tooled leather train case, 10 pence.
Best find ever!!! The peacock on the lid is amazing!
I need to get a new clasp for it, think I'm in for a challenge
but I'm not in a major rush.
I will go and see the local leather guy, he did a really good
job last time I had a clasp problem.

Vintage handbag with matching coin purse, 10 pence.
Not that I really need them but for that price... You know.

Vintage suitcase, 50 pence.
Yes it's grubby, haven't had time to clean it yet. Sorry.
I think this case will be my new storage for all my bangles.

Vintage jewellery box, 10 pence.
Can't have enough of these...

Vintage hair combs, 5 pence.
Love the shape!

Vintage cufflinks, 50 pence.
Got these for my lovely man.

Vintage earrings, £1.
Perfect to use both day and evening.

Bangle, 10 pence.
New but the green color is irresistible.

Vintage bangle, 50 pence.
The picture doesn't really show the cream colored swirls,
I assure you it looks amazing IRL.

Vintage bangle, £1.
Looks like burgundy granite. Awesome!


Frocktasia said...

Some cracking finds there, I'm in awe with the beautiful tooled leather train case and at 10p what a tremendous bargain...x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Lusting after your suitcase.