Monday, 2 July 2012


I'm such a baaad blogger! I just noticed that I've totally
forgot to post pics from Screamin' Festival!
How did that happen?!
While I'm having a break from sorting every inch of our
house I might as well do it now.
Why I'm sorting? We got too much stuff and we're off to
my native land Sweden soon, we're doing the same trip
as we did last year through Holland, Germany Denmark
and half of Sweden.
We're bringing stuff we no longer require, the plan is to
hopefully get rid off our old stuff at car boot sales and at
Hot Rod Reunion and Rat Fink Reunion.
I feel they need some genuine vintage from London. ;)

I made an album on FB with a taster of a few things that
we're bringing, check it out here.
(This might be of interest if you too are going to any of
the two events.)

Me and my man drinking Sangria and kissin'.

Zack being such a nawdy boy!

Our Dutch friends Roel and Uschi.

Roel and Uschi gave me a bag of salty liquorice (bless you!)
found a peeing boy.

Phil from The Blue Devils, here totally passed out.
What's up with the flower basket?

Me, wearing my own creations.

Every day we brought a snack for Zack, here
he is with some chocolate chip cookies.

WE WON! Best dressed couple, the prize was
free tickets to next years evening events.

Our homies Marcus and Carolina.

Roel and Uschi's collapsible bags.

Roel doing pin curls on Uschi.

Amanda from Los Angeles in her amazing swimsuit.

My man and Marcus at La Fabrica.

Uschi's pin curls turned out well.

LOL! I asked Roel, Uschi and Amanda to stand against the
wall for a group picture. Roel took it very literally.

My man, Carolina, Marcus with our Swedish friends Lasse,
Ulrika and Totte. I'm missing because I took the photo.

My man looking tiny between the Harman brothers.
(From Restless and Space Cadets)

Me and my man.

Me at the car show where there also were a rockers
market type of thing going on. Everything was SOOO
overpriced it was ridiculous.
My total spend was 2 euros.
More about my find further down on this post...

I met Olivia!!! She's such a sweetheart and I wish I had
the balls to speak to her earlier during the festival.

Phil from The Blue Devils, a bit more sober.

Me and my man.
Most of the pictures of me makes me cringe, I'm
almost double the size(!!!) that's how bad I swell
every time we go abroad, I need clothes that are
too big for me at home.

Zack at the jam session.

My man slappin' the wood.

And also beating the wood.

After the festival we had a few days to chill out and so we did
with our Swedish friends Ulrika, Totte and Lars.
We went for fika at the Centric Bar in Calella, Lars treated me
to some strawberry cake. :)


OK, here's the story about my 2 euro find.
So I bought an LP with my childhood idols The Boppers.
I'm such a cheesy chick who collect anything pre 1990's
by/with The Boppers, not that I'm a huge fan or anything
but because they were the first band I ever saw.
I was two and sat on my dad's shoulders while they were
playing on a lorry. I also had a crush on the singer, Peter,
and guess who was at the festival, my teen crush!
(Roel and Uschi stayed at the same hotel as Peter and she
told him this story over dinner.)
I didn't get to meet him (for that I'm glad because I would
have been so heartbroken if he was a douche) but Zack's
dad who was a DJ said he could take the LP cover to get
it signed for me, funny thing was that Peter never seen that
cover before (French release) and he wanted a picture of
it and here it is:

Thanks Jane for letting me borrow this picture.

For more pictures, feel free to check out my Screamin' 2012
album on Facebook.


Vintage Coconut said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN!
No wonder you and your man won best dressed you two looks AWESOME!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

very naughty, inbdeed - written warning!

I am LOVING all the gorgeous women. I ache for summer.

Mama D said...

Looks like you had very rocking time. Fab photos. I really like the gothic moon photo you've taken.

FrökenEm said...

Hope you soak up the sun because it's not much of it here in Sweden!
I just thought I would warn you that I've just sent you an email, so you wont miss it. ^^

Mrs. Diva Akira said...

Looked like a fun and lovely trip! :D