Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Yesterday we went on a day trip to look in charity shops
and to go and get a Ladderax record cabinet that we won
on eBay and to get another Ladderax unit that we got for
free from Freecycle.

We didn't find much in the charity shops, just a pair of
lovely earrings and some sheer gloves from the 1950's.

Earrings, 50 pence.

We're busy planning for the house makeover that's gonna
happen as soon as it's warmer outside.
The walls are gonna get a fresh coat of white paint the whole
house through and the coving and the skirting boards in the
lounge will be painted black to match our furniture and make
it look more sophisticated.
And yes, there will be before and after pictures.


ismoyo said...

Love the earrings! Pretty!
And a fresh coat of paint, oh that's always such a huge transformation. Instant gratification! Would love to see pics to peek into your living space!

Sandy De Luxe said...

Åh så fina! Och tack så mycket för den fina gula liljan som jag fick idag. Budade ju hem den på Tradera för några dagar sen. Tack tack

Kitten said...

Cute earrings! Looking forward to before and after pics, hope the house turns out how you want it!

Tizzalicious said...

Adorable earrings, what a great find!

Zizzi said...

Fina örhängen! Ser fram emot lite mer före och efter bilder från ert underbara hem!
Kram cissi

Little Rascal said...

Ismoyo: Thanks honey.
I've started but it's really killing me, I have to do it little by little.
Pictures will be posted when I'm done.

Sandy De Luxe: Why didn't you tell me it was you, you could have got a friends discount! Next time, if there's one, let me know.

Kitten: Thanks darling.
It will take a while because I'm not too well but sooner or later. :)

Tizzalicious: Thanks sweetie! :)

Zizzi: Thanks sunshine! :)
I've done half the lounge so far, it's killing me but it will be done before March. Hopefully.