Thursday, 5 February 2009


The house is a complete mess today but for a very good
reason - we're having most of the walls plastered to get
rid of the horrible Artex that makes the house look dated
and a bit psychedelic if you ask me.
Our walls looks like this! Would you be able to cope?


linnéa. said...

skönt att få bort det mönstret... huvudvärk!
jo, jag har en liten fråga till dig. det är så att jag ska öppna en liten butik i göteborg. tycker dina smycken och hårblommor är så fina, det hade vart jätte kul att sälja dom i min affär! kanske du vill mejla mig och säga vad du tänker ? min mejl :

Grevinnan av Ladionien said...

Your wall looks really cool and you are very beautiful!

Fleur de Guerre said...

Ugh! Artex is the bane of my ceilings!

Idun said...

Irk!! thats goddam ugly, looks like someone let lose a crazy 4 yearsold with white fingerpaint :)

Little Rascal said...

Linnéa: The pattern is too much in a small house, well, it's too much anywhere. I don't know what they were thinking in the 1970's.
I will send you an email as soon as I get a bit better.

Grevinnan av Ladionien: Thanks doll!

Fleur de Guerre: I don't mind the ceilings too much, it's the walls that's horrible.
I gladly payed £200 to get rid of it.

Idun: Amen to that!