Saturday, 14 February 2009


I had a look at the Kashrut yesterday and found out
that Moose is kosher to eat!
Superb! I'm a vegetarian but the only meat I like and
would put in my mouth is Moose because they are free
to eat what they want and roam around wherever they
Before you judge, Moose isn't breed to be stand in the
barn waiting to be killed, that's cruel, you have to
decrease a number of Moose every year, otherwise the
woods will be full of them and there will be less for the
animals to eat.
We're going to Sweden for a week to see my dad and
stepmother so I will make sure that there will be some
Moose meatballs on the dinner table.
(My oldest stepbrother is a hunter so there's plenty.)
I guess these news will be good ones for my stepmom
because she thinks it's so hard to cook vegetarian.
My man think it's rather exotic, he's never had Moose
before and he's never seen one.
England is a Moose-free country.


Betty Lou said...

ren då? mycket godare. har svårt för älg, tycker det smakar för vilt. men fick smaka av en god älg-salami i julas.

Little Rascal said...

Nope, inte kosher.
Giraff daremot ar kosher. :))

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

But won't you get sick if you eat meat now? I mean can your stomach take it?

I haven't had meat for years and years but I do remember that moose was pretty tasty :)

Little Rascal said...

Nah, I have a stomach like a Bull Terrier. :))
I have protein daily so it won't be a problem and I'm not gonna pig out like crazy on Moose, just a few meatballs. :)

Moose it's the only meat I remember that I actually liked.

Kissen said...

Mäh, Moosear bor i USA, Elks bor i Sverige!

Men älgkött är så gott och jag kan äta bara det resten av mitt liv. (eller nä, måste ju ha fisk också)


Mrs Munster said...

I absolutely love moose meat (or elk, as I call it). My dad is in a hunting group so in my parent's house there is always plenty of elk meat available, which is nice.

Kelly said...

I've never had moose - hmmmm. BF and I might be going to a mega huge grocery store today, I'm sure they'd have it there...I might have to check it out!

Kitten said...

Ah, congrats, elk meat is soo tasty! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...