Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I've been busy since Saturday morning.
I closed the door to my hobby room and hoped that some
craft would cure my homesickness that's pretty bad right
now for some reason. Enough about that, this is some of
the stuff I made.

I made five of these faux fur collars.
(I've been making them every winter for 3 years now.)

I finally made a backside for this vintage pillowcase I
bought back in January. Better late than never I guess.

Remember that I was working on a tie top from a pattern
dated 1944? I managed to finish two out of six.
Sorry for not posing myself, I'm not in the mood, maybe
next time.

I also made some earrings.

What else? I made 10 pair of cherry blossom hair combs,
a hair band out of an old belt, I made a black elastic belt,
and I stitched some bias onto the sleeves of one top.


Jitterbugdoll said...

Love the tops and collar especially!

By the way, I gave you a blog award--check out my blog for the details :-)

Angel said...

Those Collars are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than crafts against homesickness !

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Everything came out wonderful! Really gorgeous. Your quite the busy bee!


art*deco*dame said...

oh so cute!

Moa - En magisk purt... said...

du är så kreativ och bra!

Annie S said...

Oh that fur collar is just to die for! Love it! I'm more than a bit envious right now. :)

Take care, doll!

Heather said...

I love those earrings!! They rock!!!! Aww I am sorry you are home sick, do you get to go home for Christmas?

Chymecindy Blog said...

I like those earring... so cute!

Reen said...

I love love love your blog. I actually got to know it via craftster, on which you caught my attention with your great DIY´s.

Zizzi said...

Underbar krage! Toparna ser underbara ut de också, har du även sytt underdelarna till de?
Kram cissi