Thursday, 5 November 2009


Do you remember this vintage necklace I bought at the
cool shop Bohemian Retro in Prague?
It didn't really look like this when I bought it but I saw
past that and knew that I could re-do it.
This task was easy, I only had to rearrange the leafs and
add a clasp and a small extension chain.
I always save clasps, chains etc. from broken/unwanted
bits, they always come in handy one day.

What I want to say with this post is, don't let something
pretty pass you by because it looks a bit odd or needs a
little bit of work.
In my case it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces
of jewelry.




Jema Rose said...

VÄLDIGT fint, och helt klart MYCKET finare EFTER att du gjort om det!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


daisymay said...

Very nice. I always keep broken jewellery and lost beads to make new items. See my post from yesterday for the necklace my mum made from reclaimed beads.

Zizzi said...

Det blev ju urläckert när du gjorde om det!

Toulouse said...

This is lovely, Oh and on getting older - i worry alll the time! I had pretty dark teenage years so i am doing them in my twenties :) So of course i think its perfectly acceptable :) you look well and your healthy and thats all that matters. Age aint nothin but a number :) xo

Stefanie Valentine said...

I wish i were as creative as you, and able to create new things out of old things. I just don't have the ability unfortunately, although i can kinda knit :)