Friday, 27 November 2009


Look what I found for £1 in a charity shop
in Golders Green (north London) yesterday!
It's a tin from Barton's and it used to contain
chocolates that was kosher for Passover.
The illustrations around the tin shows the
story of Moses, the ten plagues, the escape from
enslavement in Egypt, Mount Sinai, the wander
in the desert, etc.
I didn't see it at the time I was in the shop but the
tin dates back to 1954.

Click the images for larger versions!

May you all have a restful and pleasant weekend.
Gut Shabes!


Angel said...

I love the golders green charity shops. That's a great find!

Anonymous said...

What a great find!! Have a lovely week :)

Little Rascal said...

Angel: Thank you very much.
North London Hospice is my favorite out of the bunch.

A Red Lipstick: Thank you. :)