Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Today I've been busy with yet another DIY project and
I'm covered with white dust.
I've been scraping old paint from the skirting board in
the downstairs hallway and then sanded it all down for a
smooth finish. I also started to sand the door frames, I
prepare them for a fresh coat of paint.
Our house is a so called fixer upper, it feels like I haven't
stopped doing stuff to improve it since I moved in here,
there's always something that needs fixing.
My man sure takes advantage of the fact that I have a
vocational qualification as a painter and decorator.

Tomorrow, my dear readers, I'm gonna show you what I
did to these two girl's dresses I bought at a car boot sale.

The left one cost 50 pence and the right one 70 pence.

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Mrs Munster said...

Fixer uppers are great, if you've got the time to do them. Our house is not that old but I feel I need to be re-decorating it on a regular basis, which have to wait quite a while now. Don't really have hands free at the mo. Those dresses are really cute