Sunday, 1 November 2009


Some say that diamonds are a girls best friend but
I think a lint remover is a girls best friend, for the
one who really love her clothes.
I've been to a lot of car boot sales and seen a lot of
jumpers go for 20 pence because they are covered
with lint/bobbles. Some people can't be bothered.
Anyway, in this day and age when the economy is
the way it is this is one good tool that should be in
everyone's home.
I've tried two of the many lint removers that's on
the market and my favorite is the lint remover from
OBH Nordica.
They can be found in the big stores in Scandinavia
and also on a lot of websites.
This thing should make an excellent gift.
It's small and very handy and it removes lint in no
time and I do mean it.

I also tried the lint remover from JML, who can
be found in the big stores around the UK.
This one is crap! It's big, very loud and it doesn't
remove the lint 100%, it seems like it just "combs"
the lint without really removing it.
I was so disappointed that I actually sent it back
to JML.

It seems like all lint removers on the market runs
on batteries and if you're planning on buying one
as a gift for Christmas/Hanukkah or for a birthday,
why not buy rechargeable batteries too?
If not, don't forget to recycle!


RecordCollector said...

I mentioned you on my blog ;)
Love your blog!

Betty Lou said...

fick den från OBH nordica för ett par år sen, och jag avnopprade allt jag kom åt! verkligen ett måste att ha i sin ägo

Angel said...

That's such a good idea!

Frida said...

Borde nog testa OBHs variant, den jag har är FÖR effektiv! Kommer den för nära tyget, speciellt om det är tunt, så blir det hål! har förstört mer än en topp tyvärr :(

Anonymous said...

OBH Nordicas är jättebra, men är man oförsiktig kan man göra hål med den också. Jag gjorde några hål i en kofta nu sist,men ska försöka brodera över det. Men det var min klantighet och inte maskinen som var orsaken!

Ms. B said...

I'm scared to death of lint removers now! I used one on a very fine gauge sweater and it ended up putting a hole in it :(

Bettie Booh said...

Oh, vilket bra tips, har alltid annars använr rollers med klister, vet inte namnet på dom, men en sådan måste jag skaffa!