Monday, 16 November 2009


Seems like many of my fellow bloggers don't have any
inspiration right now, I on the other hand have tons!
Winter time is the perfect time to make clothes for the
upcoming summer and you can escape to sunny beaches
in your mind while you're sewing.
If you need some inspiration for making cute summery
outfits I strongly recommend one of my favorite books,
Sunkissed by Joshua James Curtis.
You'll find tons of pictures of pretty girls in beautiful
summer wear and you might also get inspired to copy
their amazing hair styles too.

I'm currently working on this tie top a la 1944.
I use a yellow gingham fabric, I'm almost done, I just
need some white satin bias which I will get later this
week when my favorite haberdashery is open again.


Jitterbugdoll said...

So cute! Can't way to see the finished result.

And I second Josh's book--it's a wonderful resource.

Angel said...

Glad I'm not the only one who is thinking of thier summer wardrobe!!! I have some really cool ideas but I need to go thrifting first.

I can't wait to see the final result.

Little Rascal said...

Jitterbugdoll: I'm actually working on two at the moment, started a green one today, can't wait to get the bias and finish them.

Angel: Well, there's plenty of time and since we're going to a lot of events I might as well be prepared. :)

Jitterbugdoll said...

Green sounds lovely too! It looks like a nice easy pattern, too :-)

Little Rascal said...

Jitterbug doll: It is a very easy pattern, which makes it fun to make.
The dusty pale green fabric has got airplanes on it, very WW2.
Can't wait to show the tops off now. :D

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Love your pattern cant wait to see the finished top.

How funny I am doing the same thing working on summer clothes I have a similar pattern which I am making in a cherry and oranges print.

Take care


Little Rascal said...

Darla: I actually have 5 of them now, couldn't stop. :))

Well, since you spend that much time indoors during winter you might as well use the time to do something creative.