Saturday, 21 November 2009


My heart is beating a bit faster as I'm writing this.
I'm excited because I just came across something totally
fab at
Soon, very soon the DIY design community Curbly will be
releasing a DIY book with Mid Century Modern projects!
It will be available both as a book and as a PDF.
Check it out!

Pictures are borrowed from


Kitten said...

Looks very interesting...!

Ruby Roulette said...

You really do always manage to find the best things! This book looks fantastic, I very much look forward to being able to check it out too.

Stefanie Valentine said...

Ooh yes i'm still interested in the fascinator, could i have a red veil please! What is the best way of getting payment to you, through paypal?

I have an atomic magazine holder, i'd love to try to make one of the atomic clocks, my crafting isn't that great though!