Friday, 20 November 2009


I felt a bit better today so I walked into town to post
some parcels and to get a few bits that I needed for
my sewing projects that I planned for the weekend.
I also managed to find a few "treats" for myself.

First I got these teal blue earrings from Primark, £3.
They will look absolutely darling with a red dress.

Then I found a bunch of old plastic poppy's in one of
the local charity shops for 75 pence.
They look perfect in my old head vase that I got for £1
at a car boot sale two years ago.



art*deco*dame said...

great finds

Little Rascal said...

It wasn't much but it made me a bit happier.
I hate that it's off season for car boot sales, I do miss doing proper finds.

Jema Rose said...

Fina fynd, och vasen är ju bara SÅ läcker ju..!

: )

Trevlig helg!

KRAM, Jenny


Brook said...

ACK I love the vase and the clock is divine!

Miriam Parkman said...

Ooooh jag älskar huvudvasen!! Helt fantastisk ju! Vilken idé!
och vallmos är verkligen perfekta i den. Fint!