Thursday, 19 August 2010


I finally got my thumb out and finished a project.
Got this fab 1960's teak lamp at a car boot sale for
30 pence some months back
(The sticker says 50 pence but there was a little
bit of haggling involved, of course.)

Anyway, it was supposed to be an easy fix but it
turned out to be one of those small projects that
you just don't prioritize.
It was standing in the back of a closet looking sad
and I though that now is the time to bring it back
to it's former glory.
And so I did.
It needed a good clean, both the lamp and the cord.
The wood was very scratchy so I gave it a light go
with some fine sandpaper and then gave it a good
oiling in with Teak oil. (I love the smell of Teak oil.)
Markus attached a new plug and the shade was a
bargain from the local supermarket for only £1.50.
What took me so long?
I hope that this will be a lesson for myself not to let
small (and fun) projects like this linger for so long.

I think it turned out nicely.
Amazing how £1.80 can brighten up your day. ;)

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Beautifull, i love it.

Jema♥Kitsch said...

Väldigt snygg!!!

: )


Kitten said...

Seriously, that is quite some bargain! Turned out wonderful...

Luna said...

How beautiful lines! Love it :D

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Great minds think alike! We also bought a very similar teak lamp this year:
They are lovely arn't they? :)

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

Åh! så snygg!

Zizzi said...

Jättefin lampa! Gillar formen på lampfoten!