Monday, 2 August 2010


I got a whole lot of beautiful fabrics and table cloths
while I visited Sweden.
I'm really a sucker for novelty prints and this one is
my absolute favorite.
I got it for 5 Kr. (40 pence, $0.70, €0.50)

Click image for larger version.


La Dama said...

love prints cute.

Jema♥Kitsch said...

Älskar verkligen sådana dukar, roliga mönster och fina färger!

: )

Marie said...

Such a lovely print!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Lovely! And what a great bargain :D

Little Rascal said...

La Dama: Thanks. :)

Jema: Jag beundrar kreativiteten de hade pa den tiden, allt var sa sjukt gulligt.
Jag dyker alltid i korgar efter rara tyger.

Marie: It sure is! :)

Clare: I spotted this one before I even got in the shop, it was laying on a stand outside and I didn't waste a second, it was too cute and when they told me the prize I just died. :))