Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Today has been one of those days when I felt I've done
nothing at all, I just feel fed up and tired, my lower back
is killing me at the moment.

After some thinking I realized that today has been pretty
busy after all...

After a proper cup of coffee at 7 am I warmed up with a
one hour walk before swimming and then I went home
and read a bit before I went for a meeting in town where
I treated myself to a cardigan and a bolero.

When I came home I read some more before it was time
to go for a massage.

When I got back I tried to have a nap but I couldn't so I
mended a knitted sweater I got at a car boot sale over a
month ago.

Then I made carrot and swede mash for dinner and then
started revamping some jewelry I got the other day.

The day isn't over yet, the plan is to go for and evening
walk with Markus and pick some more blackberries if
we find any along the way and hopefully relax the rest
of the evening, watching Carnivale, perhaps.

Bolero, £3, outlet shop.

Cardigan, £11, Primark.

I love Dennis Lehane.

Knitted sweater, 50 pence, car boot sale.

Low carb dinner. Yum!
Grilled peppers, tomato, root mash and Quorn steak.

Stuff to revamp.


Heather said...

that dinner looks delish! You really DID do alot today! Just look at all the little things you accomlpished!

Little Rascal said...

Still feels like a lazy day for some reason...
The dinner was very nice AND low in carbs and calories. :)

Jacqueline said...

sv: tack så mycket! :D

Kitten said...

Nice clothes you got, I'm always on the lookout for cardigans that button all the way up. And, yes, to me it also looks like you got quite a bit done today :)