Thursday, 5 August 2010


I've been busy making hats, again.
I finished three today but I haven't had the time or
the right light to take a photo of the third one.
I'm actually very pleased with the result.
I feel like I'm developing my skills day by day and
that this is my "calling". I love it!


Tricia said...

Love the second one!

Rūta said...

Beautiful! I love how you mix flowers with more heavy details like black tulle in your accesories. It gives a lot of character.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

All your hats are lovely. You obviously have a flair for millinary! :))

Anonymous said...

They are both really beautiful!
Shabbat shalom! :)

Kaysens nye klæder said...

Fantastic hats! Specially the second one :)

Sophies momma said...

so cute