Saturday, 28 August 2010


I had more of a drive to do things today, maybe
because the sun was shining...
We started the day by having breakfast together.
I had a proper one with oat bran porridge with
linseed and an apple from mother in laws garden
with cinnamon.

After breakfast we went blackberry picking and
then to a local car boot sale.
I was scouting for knitted stuff but had no luck,
all I got was a red gingham top that need some
Also got a nice 1960's vase with original stem
stand in it and a rocking moose for the future
family member.

After the boot sale we went to a DIY store to get
some compost for my house plants and a garden
I was supposed to sand some wooden edging and
then paint them but it was way too windy outside
so I decided to mow both the front and the back
lawn instead.
I was finished just in time before it started raining.

It was time to make dinner and since it's getting
colder I felt very peckish for a nice hot soup.
It turned out very nice and spicy with all the garlic
and black pepper.
I tell you, that will keep any flu and cold at bay.

The rest of the evening will be dedicated to some
house cleaning and some grooming, I look like shit.
My Saturday night not sound very exiting but I'm
saving myself for tomorrow when we have guests
over for a jam session and then dinner out.

This might look boring but it was very nice and kept
me full all the way to lunch.

1960's vase, £1.

Top, 50 pence.

Rocking moose, £3.50

Yummy hot low carb soup.
Ingredients: Swede, carrot, celery, parsnip, tomato
purée, Knorr veg cubes, onion, garlic, black pepper.


Jacqueline said...

älgen ser ut som en ikea-pryl!

Little Rascal said...

Det ar just vad det ar. :D
Jag har velat ha en ett tag nu och 35 kronor ar banne mig inte illa pinkat. :))

Min man har blivit helt fascinerad av algar och tyckte att det vore coolt att ha lite typiskt svenskt i vart framtida barns liv.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

that moose looks awesome! How fun. The soup looks yummy too.

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Mrs Munster said...

The rocking moose is so cute. Was looking it from Ikea the other day. So is there already new about the future family member :)

mallis said...

Kul med lite fyndq
älgen var ju söt