Friday, 27 August 2010


Hi my sweets!
Am I the only one out there who feel totally
uninspired, tired and fed up with the cold and
the rain?
It's supposed to be summer!
For as long as I lived here in the UK it's been
nice and warm all the way to mid October.
What the h**l happened?!
I am freezing cold, walking around with thick
woolly socks and a cup of chai tea all day.

Anyway. We took a little trip to Golders Green
yesterday for a quick browse in my favorite
charity shop before we had dinner with mother
in law at our favorite vegetarian Chinese.
I didn't score big but what I got is very useful
to me personally.

First I found this 1950's umbrella stand for £2.
It's not that I need another one but the kitsch
factor was too high so I couldn't resist and it will
come in handy in my hobby room to store rolls
of wall paper and wrapping paper.

I also found a pair of really nice red-ish pants with a
vintage look that for once isn't too long for my short
chunks. I paid £2 and the brand is Miss Selfridge.


Izzi said...

Those trousers are very nice for only 2 pounds and the umbrella rack is adorable

I too have very short legs,approx 25 inches, and my trick is to buy cropped trousers!! Cheaper and no need to roll up!

Luna D Sign said...

Oj vilken fin blogg du har!!! Jag tänkte få passa på att meddela att jag har en tävling på min blogg där du kan vinna en valfri Lunafigur. Kolla in om du har lust!
Kram Malin

Linnea said...

Paraplyhållaren! så fin.