Saturday, 21 August 2010


I had a really good day yesterday.
In the morning I went for an hour walk before swimming.
Markus took me for an outing in St. Albans where we had
a delicious lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant and then
we went scouting for vintage goodies at my favorite vintage
store and afterwards we had coffee.
I do like the small things in life and yesterdays outing really
perked me up since I've been feeling rater lonely and a bit
down lately.

Enough about my feelings, here's yesterdays finds:

1950's heels, £4.
These shoes were heaven sent!
A long time ago Markus gave me a pair of opera gloves in suede
from the 1940's that used to belong to his grandma
in the same
color as these heels.

It's been taking me so long to find anything matching so I was
really excited when I found these beauties.

1950's toiletry bag, £3.50.

Necklace and bracelet, £6.
This set looks awful if you look closely, it's not very well made so
I'm gonna do my best to revamp it.

I have a bracelet with a chunk of matching roses so I might make
a pair of earrings out of the bits from this bracelet.

Vintage Bakelite bangles, £2 and £1.
I'm a bangle addict and this was a real bargain!
The colors are more juicy, my camera doesn't do the justice.

1960's Nubian head, £3.
This was a real bargain! I wish all vintage Nubian figurines was
as cheap as this one. I think this one is number 13 in my growing


1950's letter rack, £1.


Jema♥Kitsch said...

Gillar ALLT!

: )

KRAM, Jenny

Kitty said...

great finds, love the black lady head!
To make the bakelite bangles photo up better, turn up the saturation when you're editing the photos or use a flash when taking the photos.

Jenny Olofsson said...

Åh vad vackra saker!:D

Stefanie Valentine said...

I LOVE those shoes, what a gorgeous colour!

Zizzi said...

Jättefina saker!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Wow - 2 bakelite bangles for £3? You did great there!! :)

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