Monday, 15 November 2010


My man went into the studio yesterday to record an EP
so I had the house for myself for the day so I decided to
have a little sort out in my hobby room and finish some
First I altered a 1950's bullet bra I got at a jumble sale
for 10 pence (1 Kr/$0.15/€0.10).
The cups were fine but the circumference was way too
big for me, so I shortened the clasp in the back and the
elastic in the front.

I also revamped the vintage scarf/shawl I got the other
day for £1 (11 Kr/$1.15/€1.15).
Last time I went to Sweden I got this purple pom pom
trim from my cousin and I was happy to find this scarf
because the colors really match.
It looks great together with my £2 1970's boots and my
£2 black Dorthy Perkins coat.

Click on the images for larger versions.

I started working on 3 1940's tie tops as well.
I would have finished them but I ran out of thread and


Stefanie Valentine said...

Can't believe you found that bra for 10p, what a bargain!

Little Rascal said...

It was at a jumble sale and when it's not long left everything goes down to like 10 pence.
One of the ladies that was a volunteer at this sale had a daughter who was into vintage and she tried to convince me not to get it and tried to take it out of my hands. Yeah right! :))