Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Yesterday me and my man took my father in law to
Barnet hospital to have some minor surgery.
We bumped into Tim from The Polecats in the lobby
on the way out, nice to see him back in the UK.
Didn't want to sit in the awful waiting room for hours
on end so we went scouting the local charity shops.
Did quite well...

Click on the images for larger versions.

1960's table cloth, £3.50.
I'm gonna do what my grandmother did back in the
days, she made full circle skirts or ponchos out of
table cloths she didn't use.

1940's leather gloves, £1.50.

1960's/1970's scarf, £1.

1950's girls dress, £4.
I'm in two minds about this dress.
I don't know if I should make a lovely skirt for myself
or keep it as it is, I might get a daughter in the future.
What would you do?

Close up.

1960's jumpsuit, £5.
Yes, I know this one is totally mad but I couldn't
resist it and it made my fat ass look good too! :))

It was £7.50 but I got it for £5 since the zipper
was broken.

Close up.


Ivy Black said...

Excellent finds! I love the gloves and the little dress is beautiful. It could just hang up somewhere until you decide what to do with it! xx

Zizzi said...

Fina fynd som vanligt! Jag gillar mönstrena på allt du hittar. De gör inte såna mönster längre :-(

Annie S said...

Fina fynd! Jag tycker du ska låta klänningen vara som den är, precis som Ivy Black skriver är den ju underbar att se på precis som den är.

whimsydaisy said...

Hello to you from Texas. This is my first visit to your blog and what fun it has been. I, too, love vintage...if I ever lose some weight I would be able to wear lots more of the vintage clothes I adore. What great finds! Love your style.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Håll klänningen till eventuella smp Rascals i framtiden :) Den kan kanske vara gullig ren nu att t.ex hänga på väggen i sovrummet/syhörnan?
...som alla andra tycks ha sagt redan också :)

Linnea said...

I love the jumpsuit - beatuiful colours!!

och den söta lilla klänningen tycker jag att du ska spara:)

ScaryMary said...

Gorgeous dress:) Mmmm tough choice... What ever you decide to do, it would make an adorable skirt, as well as a dress for a future daughter;)