Thursday, 25 November 2010


We got a lot of 1950-1960's plastic wicker stuff
in our little house.
Everywhere there's wicker, in my closet, in my
hobby room, in the lounge, in the kitchen, and
even in the bedroom.
You can say that we're a bit obsessed.
Wicker maniacs.

There's something special about plastic wicker.
I don't know why we're so nuts about it but it's
such a "rewarding" material, it's kitsch, it's easy
to clean, etc. I can't really put my finger on it, I
just love it.

Here's just a few of our wicker items...

Here's our latest addition to the wicker madness.
Got this planter a few weeks ago, it cost £6.
I currently use it as a fruit basket, I need a tray
in the bottom before I can use it for plants.

Oh yeah, the endless amount of wicker fruit and
bread baskets...

We have picked up a few of these at car boot sales
over the years, I don't think we'd ever paid more
than 50 pence for any of them.

The wicker table I gave a face lift. Remember?

This one we fill with Sangria on hot summer days.

A girl can't have too many wicker handbags, well,
that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! :))

Just one of many, many wicker handbags I own.

My hobby room is filled with these vintage wicker
sewing boxes, this one is my favorite because it's
red and white and it got the cutest clasp.

This one is favorite number two.

Picked up this wicker "bucket" at a car boot sale
for 5 pence I believe. It now serves as a flower pot.

Small multicolored wicker basket, perfect display
for yummy treats.

My wicker chair in my hobby room, gift from my
mother in law. I also got a black and white one.


Kitten said...

You've got some lovely stuff there, I especially liked the chair! And I must admit, I'm getting more and more curious about how your home looks after that peek into your hobby room...In case you ever wanna show us more, I'd sure be interested! :)

Little Rascal said...

Thanks daring. :)
I've wanted to do a "my home" post for ages but I never remember to take pictures.
My aunt want to see pictures of our home too so I guess I should pull my finger out and do it. :))
My hobby room looks like a dump right now, got too many projects going on, still my favorite room in the house though.

Penny Dreadful said...

Fabulous collection, I love your new planter and also the sewing basket and table :)

ScaryMary said...

Lovely collection;) Love the green wicker bottle!! O, and the wicker handbag is supercute!

Annie S said...

Love, love, love the chair!