Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I went to a job interview at a woman's center today.
They got all sorts of classes there and also a charity
shop and I hope to be able to work there next year.
It might only be two days a week but it's not the
money that's important to me, it's the "good deed".

I had a look in their charity shop and I manage to
get myself some really nice bargains.

Bolero, £1.25.
I got one just like this already but the one I got has
proven to be essential so now I have one as a spare.

Vintage pencil skirt, £3.
I've been looking for a black pencil skirt that actually
goes below the knees for ages!
It's also a proper make, no crap. Wool blend.
The enigma is how on earth I can fit my big ass
into a
UK size 8. :))
(US 6/EUR 36)

Top, £1.50.
I have a feeling this is gonna be my new best friend.

Vintage X-mas ornament, 50 pence.
Yes, I'm a Jew who actually love old, not so X-masy
ornaments and decorations. Hope that's all right. ;)
Isn't this fella too cute for words?

Not much else have happened.
Well, I did start to go to the gym yesterday.
My goal is to be as fit as I was in May and get my
23 inch waist back (it's currently 25 inches).
Most of all I want to boost my flow of endorphins.
I'm very low and extremely unsocial right now and
I must break the cycle before it gets worse.


Ivy Black said...

Top finds...that's a whole outfit in one hit!xx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Ooh that job at the womens centre sounds great. All the better if it means crafting and charity shopping too - sounds right up your street! *Fingers crossed* :)

Kitten said...

Hope you get the job, sounds like it would suit you! But what's with the 23" waist? Sounds soo tiny, I mean, my waist is 26" and I already find it hard to find clothes small enough...But we are all different, of course. Enjoy the gym!

Mrs Munster said...

You are lucky to be able to get a job where the money doesn't matter! I do enjoy my job, but the money definitely matters (otherwise I wouldn't be able to pay the bills and buy food). Cute green top.

Little Rascal said...

Ivy: Thanks sweetie! :)

Dolly: Too right! :))

Kitten: Thanks doll.
23 inch suits my body type much better, I'm only 158 cm.
I found it hard to find clothes in my current size too so it doesn't make much difference. There's always the sewing machine. :)

Munster: My guy like to be the provider, we don't go to pubs and our food account is very low, no mortgage and so on, and since we don't have little ones at the moment it's not a big deal, for now this is for me and my mentally well being.