Sunday, 28 November 2010


Relish is such an unappreciated type of food.
Most people just use it on their burgers at BBQ's.
I'm gonna encourage you to use it all year round, not
just on burgers and without using many ingredients.
As you might know by now I try my best to be frugal
and I really hate when food goes to waste.
We often buy fruit and veg in bulk from greengrocers
(it's much cheaper) and that sometimes means we get
a lot of one thing.
Last week we had tons of peppers in the fridge and I
didn't want them to go off so I made relish.

Rascal's Relish

You'll need:
Red, orange and yellow peppers
Brown sugar
Malt vinegar

This is what you do:
Rinse and de-seed the peppers, chop them into small
pieces. (I never use green peppers, they are bitter.)
Put them in a pan, add a dash of water and bring to
the boil.
Add a dash of malt vinegar, a little bit of salt and just
a pinch of brown sugar, to bring out the flavour, you
don't want the relish to be too sweet, trust me.
Simmer under lid on medium heat until soft.
When done, mash them up a bit with a potato masher.
Let it cool down and then put in jars.
Keep refrigerated.

Mixed pepper relish is very yummy on eggs, burgers,
pizza, in sauces and dressing and in bolognese.

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La Dama said...

oooh I love peppers..especially relish..I use green salsa on all mi dishes..great recipe.