Friday, 12 November 2010


I start to get tired of myself as a blogger, there's only
posts about what I won on eBay and what I managed
to snag in charity shops.
And guess what? Here's another one!

Had a feeling that I would find something nice today.
Also found yet another charity shop in town, thought
it was new but they've been there for years.
They had really good prices so I will definitely be a
regular from now on.

1950's/1960's shot glasses with stand, £2.80.

Vintage scarf, £1.

Miss Selfridge bolero, £1.55.

I also went into Primark to have a quick look on the
sale rails and found this cute dress.
It was the very last one and it cost only £5.

Click on the image for larger version.


yep me again said...

I would love if you did a post about some of your favorite charity shops in London! I adore charity shops too and just moved to London and always enjoy your finds :)

Little Rascal said...

Just wanna start this comment back to you by saying that I love, love, love your blog!

I really don't have any favorite charity shops in London, I snag most of my finds around Hertfordshire.
The ones I do go to in London is in Camden. Camden High Street to be more exact.
Sorry that I really can't be of any help.

yep me again said...

Oh, thanks, I have been loving and following your blog for probably almost a year now but have always been too shy to comment :)

Ah, I see! Dont worry about it, I just thought you might have some good tips. I have been to the vintage shops in Camden but none of the charity shops! So I will definitely check those out next time I am there.

Förresten vet jag inte varför jag kommenterar på engelska när jag vet att du är svensk! Gammal vana när man läser bloggar antar jag :P