Friday, 14 January 2011


I'm now typing on my brand new laptop, I now got a
Dell Vostro 3700 with a 17 inch screen.
I ended up with the basic silver, I wanted the red but
after some serious consideration I decided that I'm not
gonna be a flash idiot at Starbucks and I didn't wanna
pay £30 extra, in the end it's just for work and I work
from home.
It's just been properly set up, (thanks Jeff) all I need
now (and quite urgently) is Photoshop CS5.
I've been bored out of my mind, my entire life was on
my other computer.
Now I only have to order a new digital camera...

Hope you all have a nice weekend, I myself got a lot of
catching up to do.


Scary Mary said...

That's great news, congrats with a new PC!! Veird how dependent we are of these flat, little thingies.. Don't really realize it before it's taken away from us;) I get like a kid that is denied my candy myself.. Sign of addiction?:) Hhaha

Zizzi said...

Välkommen tillbaka! Själv har jag en rosa laptop. :-) Kram cissi