Saturday, 8 January 2011


Dear readers.
I'm not gonna be able to blog much at the moment,
my beloved laptop died the other day, that is £649
straight in the bin.
All my bookmarks and and media is gone, I do have
some of my pictures on a memory stick but haven't
backed it up for about two months. Lesson learned.
I only had my for one year(!!!) and the guarantee
just expired.
My digital camera is also buggered so I'm not only
hunting for a new laptop with great spec, I'm also
hunting for a camera.
Yeah, great start of the new year, huh?


Scary Mary said...

Oh no, that's horrible:( I'm so sorry to hear that.. I know how bad I would feel if it was me. Thinking the pictures would be the worse loss of it all.. I really hope that there is some way you can retrieve them! Also hope you find yourself a nice, new, reliable laptop soon and a camera which doesn't cost too much!!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Gutted! I cant recommend a laptop as I use a ye olde desktop pc (I dont like laptops and everyone I know who has one - they dont last long!)but the camera I use is a Canon powershot A470. They are about £50 from Argos and a great budget digital, IMO. Good luck finding something soon :)

Zizzi said...

Nej vad hemskt! Ibland kan man ha tur om man går tillbaka till affären där man köpt datorn om garantin gått ut upp till två månader tidigare. Då kan de hjälpa till i alla fall. Kram cissi

Kitten loves vintage said...

How awful :( Do you have home insurance? Our home insurance covered about half the price of my laptop that died last summer. This made buying my mac mini a bit more affordable, and so far, I've had no problems what so ever with the mac...Hope you get things sorted out!!

Linnea said...

oh no! vår 'dyra' dator dog också vi bestämde oss för att reparera den, kostade 5000kr! hade kunnat köpa en ny men kändes som vi ville ge vår en chans till...sedan kunde killen som fixade den, på något sätt få fram det mesta som vi hade på hårddisken vilket var skönt, bilder o allt sånt.
Så nu funkar den!

Hoppas du hittar en ny dator snart...eller att din döda dator helt plötsligt återupplivas!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh no you poor thing! That is gutting, I think I would be quite lost without my laptop!

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