Monday, 17 January 2011


OK, I'm having trouble to remember the names
of some blogs I had on my bookmarks list on my
old computer.
I really need your help.
There's one blog in particular I'm looking for, it's
owned by a very cute lady who's living in a white
and pink bungalow somewhere in the US and she
is, of course, into the mid century era.
I've done searches on Google but without luck.
Also, I would love if you could send me URL's to
blogs about 1950's lifestyle and such.

Hopefully I get Adobe Photoshop CS5 installed
tomorrow so I can finally blog as normal.
Snagged a few finds last week and visited a house
with some really funky 1950's-1970's wallpaper
that I can't wait to show you! :D


punk in writing said...

Welcome to Deluxeville?

Little Rascal said...

Nope, this lass is married and have a couple of kids.

Deluxeville was the first blog I added to my bookmarks.

Kitty said...

You are also welcome to follow me,

Jema♥Rose said...

Inte en aning tyvärr, min första tanke var också DeluxeVille..!

Hoppas du hittar den!

KRAM, Jenny

La Dama said...

oh no dear laptops are the worst i been through three already..
is it Thevintagehousewife?

NanC said...

Try this one: