Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I've been meaning to blog about this for quite some
time now but for some reason I haven't got round to
do it until today. Sorry about that.
OK, let me start (or start over, I lost the entire post
due to some failure on Blogger) I, like many female
bloggers in the UK, have tried Superdrugs £1 make-
up range, MUA.
I must say that I'm very impressed!
The quantities and quality of this makeup range is
really good. You get a lot for your money.

I've tried some of the cheap brands before and most
of them have been really bad so I was a bit hesitant
to try MUA at first, even though it was just £1 each,
so I only got myself two items to start out with and
it wasn't long before I was back for more.

MUA's nail polish sure kicks ass!
I do a lot of work in the kitchen and with that a lot of
washing up but this nail polish really stays on.
The bottles are rather small but to be honest, I don't
need a big bottle of shimmery green nail polish since
it's not my everyday color, I only use this occasionally.

Nail polish shade 5, Nail polish shade 13

Shade 1 is perfect for the casual day makeup, shade 4
is really good for the evening. Very well pigmented.

Blusher shade 1, Blusher shade 4

I love, love, love this eye dust!
Shade 5 is my favorite and it works well both for day
and evening. Superb!!!

Eye dust shade 1, Eye dust shade 5

If you ever visit the UK, make sure you pop into one
of Superdrugs stores and try some of these products,
you won't be sorry.
So far there's only 84 stores nationwide who sell MUA
so be sure you check the list of the selected stores first
before you get all excited. ;)


pronominella said...

Visst är det bra?! Hoppas på att de ska börja med foundation :)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Isn't it a great range? I still can't belieive everything is only £1!!

Kay said...

Thanks for the tip, went out and bought a load the other day. I actually really like the lipsticks too (11 and 13 are great because they're matte) they're very soft, so I put in the freezer overnight, but means they don't dry out your lips.
Lovely blog btw.

rosie-alia said...

Goodness, I might have to try this range now! Thanks for the tip lady :) xx