Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Today hasn't really been a great day, mentally.
Had the worst panic attack, ever, it was long and
I felt like I was gonna suffocate for real I think I
scared my man half to death, poor sod.
He's good though, knew just what this girl needed.
He took me to the tanning salon, I've complained
a lot lately that I look awful and washed out and
he knows how much I love freckles.

On the way home I told him to stop by my new
job so I could ask if I can work a few more hours
a week, my boss was happy to hear that and said
that I can come in at any time I like.
(I work in a Marie Curie Cancer Care charity shop.)
As usual I couldn't just go in without finding and
buying something.

Today I snagged this...

Vintage lucite trinket box, 90 pence.

Corset top with beaded embroidery, £1.

Close up.

I do feel much calmer now and I'm gonna pamper
myself a bit, you know, doing my nails and give my
hair a bit of treatment.


Jema♥Rose said...

Jättefina fynd!

Verkligen tur att du har din man som tar hand om dig, när du mår så där kasst...det är så vidrigt att må så dåligt, man vet varken ut eller in, bara gråter, och får svårt att både andas och prata...

: (

STOR kram

Heidi said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that you have a loving man who understands you, I know what you're going through...
and I loove the trinket box.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Boo :( Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good, but I think a few more hours at the charity shop will be good for you, surrounded by bargains can only lift your spirits! Look forward to seeing you this weekend :))

Vintage Coconut said...

I too have dealt with anxiety attacks. I hate them with a passion. Years back I would get them in the grocery store. Only when I was standing in line at the checkout to pay. I suppose because this certain store was always so darn busy and the lines were tremendous. It was always so loud and I ended up feeling claustrophobic and like I was stuck in this crowd of people that was barely moving. I would start feeling dizzy and my heart started racing. Sometimes I would have to tell my guy I needed to get outside ASAP. I am glad he did not think I was a weirdo! *lol*
It started getting better because I always told myself I would be okay and that nothing was going to happen to me while I was waiting at the checkout. It worked because one finally one day in line I did not panic at all.
Now the funny thing is a few years later I ended up working at that exact store.
And I never once had a anxiety attack while working there.
It is a hard thing to get over. But when I do feel anxious I always tell myself.. there is no reason for feeling this way and that I will be okay nothing is going to happen to me. It works because I barely ever get them anymore.

I love your finds that trinket box is so sweet and the corset WOWEE!

I am glad you are feeling better. I need to deal with my nails too they look horrendous! haha