Monday, 7 November 2011


Even tho it hasn't been the best of days at least I managed
to do some crafting (finally!!!) and list a few things on Etsy.

I started making these refrigerator magnets back in 2002
when I was working at Årsta Textile & Paper Workshop in
They had a laminator that I used before I bought my own.
It's not much to it, just laminate them and stick a magnet
on the back. Easy peasy.
These cards are old Swedish trading cards and were very
popular during 1950's-1970's. We call them "Filmisar".
I found these at a flea market last time I visited Sweden.

Just so you know...
My shop will be closed from Dec 1 to Jan 7.
There's a lot of packages that's gone missing (or got stolen)
previous years and it takes ages for some to arrive (= angry
costumers), therefore my shop will be closed.
If you need anything for X-mas, make sure you get it soon!


LadyAngore said...

Nej vad tråkigt att du haft sånna problem men postade grejer. :(

Little Rascal said...

Hade ju inte PayPal da heller och hade inte sa bra feedback pa Tradera efter det. Larde mig en laxa vill jag lova. Tycker fortfarande synd om mina kunder som aldrig fick nagra paket. :/