Thursday, 17 November 2011


Hi girls, sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy.
I'm actually so excited I'm about to burst!
You know I told you that I had a consultant gig lined
up for a world wide charity organization, so earlier in
the week me and my man went to this big warehouse
to pick out pieces that's vintage and worth something.
It was nice to feel important and useful because I see
the potential in all things grubby and I could tell what
should be revamped or just cleaned.
The area manager were so impressed she wanted my
man to apply for a manager job (I don't have his skills)
and she wanted us to be a part of opening up a brand
new carity shop who's gonna specialize in vintage.
If my man get the job I will be his trusted sidekick.
I'm only gonna get paid in store vouchers but my man
will get paid but I hope that it will lead to a paid job in
the near future because I feel that we can really rock
this thing.
We were like the dynamic duo in there and I'm gonna
make sure they simply can't manage without us.

Yesterday we went back to the warehouse to do some
well needed organizing and move all the good vintage
bits to one room and start cleaning them up, you won't
believe how many 1950's vanity tables and 1960's G-
they've got! :D
We did a lot and we're going back next week to finish.
Also, on Monday we're going to the new store to check
out the space and to see what we need to do, the shop
need to be up and running in two weeks.

This prep job is at least a start and I hope that things
will go well, we so need a bit of luck.


punk in writing said...

Yay! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Congratulations! How is exciting! Sounds like this is going to be the perfect job for you. make sure you keep us updated:)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Sounds completely so right up your street! Fingers crossed can't wait to hear more ♥

Vintage Coconut said...

*OooOoo* This sounds SO EXCITING,
I hope all goes well. Keep us updated.

Kitten said...

Nice work, hope it leads to something really good for the two of you, fingers crossed!!

Linnea said...

Men vad spännande! låter ju jättekul. Grattis!!