Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I bought this last month for 20 pence.
As you might remember it was not in the best
condition, the previous owner had scribbled on
the sides.
Since I always go for Bettie Page when I revamp
stuff (see here, here, here and here) I thought it
was time for a change, and since I'm not much of
a Marilyn Monroe fan (I used to be as a kid tho)
my natural choice was Jayne Mansfield.

I measured, cut and laminated two pictures (the
other side has got the same picture too) and put
the plastic behind the edges so I didn't have to
use any glue, they will stay.
And I can change picture if I ever get tired of J.
Who knows, maybe I'll make a few more pics to
chose from.
I guess you just have to wait and see. :)


Jema☽⚪☾Rose said...

Bra idé med snyggt resultat!

KRAM, Jenny

Vintage Coconut said...

Very cute bag!

Pippy O' Hara said...


Perdita said...

Love the picture, but also that you can change it - perfect to match to different outfits!

Little Rascal said...

Jema Rose: Thack gumman. <3

Vintage Coconut: Thanks sweetie. :)

Pippy O'Hara: Thanks! :D

Perdita: Yeah, I got the bug for it now, thinking about doing something else with it today. :D