Thursday, 3 November 2011


Yesterday we went for lunch with a friend and in the
evening we went to IKEA to get some Swedish treats,
turns out that they don't sell salty liquorice anymore,
they only sell their own brand.
Oh well, at least I got some cardamom crisp rolls.

After our visit to IKEA we went to my father in law to
help him out with some things, the man is 83 and not
that spry anymore.
He had a few bags of stuff that needed to be sorted,
some to give to charity and some to recycle.
When I was sorting through the bags I did find a little
something for myself, Metropolis on DVD and this set
of pens.
I don't know why he had them in the first place, gold
and rhinestones is not really his style. ;))
It's nice to rewarded for doing a mitzvah.

Click the image for larger view.


Vintage Coconut said...

Oh the pens are sooo lovely!
And very nice of you to help him out.

Little Rascal said...

He never leave his apartment, he's a hermit. He don't have any friends, he only read. He got a cleaner once a week but beside that we're the only ones who visit.

Yeah, they look very YSL. :))

La Dama said...

beautiful pens!
those pens remind me of some pens I used to own in the 80's. the ink ran out and I think I threw them out.

Mrs Munster said...

I was soooo gutted on my last visit to IKEA to notice they don't sell any salmiak. Only thing IKEA was good for (ok, I do have some IKEA furniture but I want salmiak. Luckily trio to Finland is just around the corner and I'm going there with half empty suitcase)