Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Some things I just can't resist, one of them is vintage lurex.
I didn't want to blog about this stunner before it arrived safely
to my house. It seems like everything I blog about beforehand
is getting lost in the mail. Jinxed?
Anyway, it arrived yesterday and it fits beautifully, I do wish I
was all better and had some awesome event to go to.
It's really a goddess dress!

It's a late 1950's dress with lurex details, it cost £11.50.

Click on the image for a larger view.


Katrin said...

Wow, that´s beautiful! I love the colour. And the price you paid is insane!! Congratulations on the wonderful find.

Kally said...

It's so glamourous! My favourite colour of the moment too. Bet it looks fabulous on :) x

Vintage Coconut said...

oh my! It's simply divine.
Wowowowow And what a bargain!

Little Rascal said...

Katrin: Thank you so much. :)

Kally: Thank you! It does! I just have to figure out how to wear my hair with this one. :))

Vintage Coconut: Thank you sweetie. :)

CLE said...

Hej hej!
Kul att du hittade min blogg.
Jo, jag har förstått att denna Peter inte verkar vara 'helt 100'.
Har fått kontakt med flera som på olika sätt blivit drabbade av honom.
Nu är det över 1½ år sedan som han blåste mig så jag har kommit över det.
Har hunnit köpa och sälja massor sedan dess via Tradera, Blocket underviker jag däremot.

Hoppas att det går fortsatt bra för dig i London :)

Vänliga hälsningar
(med både å, ä och ö)

Signe said...

Wow, it´s stunning! Love your blog by the way. :-)