Thursday, 10 November 2011


I'm trying to sort my life out right now.
I felt totally low because my so called business is not
going the right way, my handmade items doesn't sell
and it makes me feel like I'm not a really great artist,
it's all a vicious circle.
Today I had enough, my social phobia has got a solid
grip on me and it need to stop.
I can't fix it all at once, baby steps.
Today I actually called my surgery all by myself and
I asked the landlady at a local pub where my man is
gigging next week if I could set up a little stall and sell
rocking X-mas presents and she gave me thumbs up.
I might also have a "job"as a vintage consultant for a
very well known charity.
They have opened a few and will open more shops in
this county and they need my knowledge what to get
into the shops. Don't know yet if I will get paid at first
but it's very nice to be asked.

This my friends is a shawl that I picked up at my old
workplace today for £2. (Click image for larger view.)
I found it a few weeks back but had to have a think
about it and when I went back it was gone but today
it was there again and I got it! :D
I like big shawls, they look quite posh and artsy but
I never dared to get one and I never seen one with
a price tag I liked.
But today I dared, I must have been inspired by my
dear blog friend Ulrika.
I'm totally borrowing her idea to wear it with a belt.
- A lurex belt I might add. ;))
See how awesome it looks on her here and here.


Dashfield Vintage said...

That sounds fantastic! Good on you. I'm just trying to work my way out of a rut at the moment too.

Little Rascal said...

It's insanely quiet on Etsy at the moment, need to find another hot spot, 1 sell a week doesn't put food on my table.

Perdita said...

Sounds like things are on the up- well done!

Vintage Coconut said...

Keep taking those steps, the more you take the easier it will get.
The stuff you create is gorgeous and sweet so don't you worry about that.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I've been doing craft fairs for over 10 years now, and even now - I sometimes don't sell much! The other week at the vintage fair, I barely made my stall fee back! Its just the way it is sometimes. Have faith that your work is beautiful and you have great ideas - you just need the right audience. Putting yourself out there is the only way, so good for you organising a stall. Get some more in before Xmas I say! :)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm in a similar rut right now. I want to start selling but it seems like there is so much competition out there I don't know where to start Your xmas stall sounds good I wish you luck!

Bella VonBluebell said...

Good for you gal!!! Keep taking those small steps and you never know what may happen. Good luck with the vintage consulting too :D