Friday, 12 June 2009


I feel a bit down today, "a bit" is really an understatement
but I don't want to rant to much about it.
I want to be inspired and creative but I just don't feel it.
Packed stuff that I'm gonna send today and I plan to run by
Primark to see what's new and to pick up some stuff that my
stepmother want me to bring over to Sweden in July.
I can't wait to show my man where I grew up, meet my crazy
relatives, go to every flea market we can possible find and to
relax as much as we possible can.

I'm thinking about treating me to this cute top from Dorthy
Perkins, who by the way has a 20% off sale today.

Update 7:49 PM: I didn't buy the top, it looks super cute in the
picture but it's not as nice in reality.


Miss Wink said...

Welcome home darling!
I've missed you so much!!!!

That top is so cute :)

Linnea said...

jag vill också till Primark...hade de något fint?

Låter som ni haft det trevligt..jobbigt att komma in i vardagen men du har kanske en Sverigeresa att se fram emot...låter mysigt med loppisar!

Heather said...

OH! go for the top! that owuld look super cute on you!

Zizzi said...

Sweden in July! I'm gonna order nice weather, so your man can see sweden from its best side!
Cute top!