Sunday, 14 June 2009


I don't know about you but I had a very nice weekend.
Yesterday morning me and my man went to a car boot
sale where we did some nice finds and got a cuddle from
a huge Bull Terrier named Stanley, in the afternoon we
went to a friends house who had a BBQ and live music
in the back garden.
Today we went to three car boot sales where I got a nice
cuddle from a 7 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier/
Bull Mastiff mix (my man wanted to bring her home)
and afterwards we went for dinner and kosher ice cream
with mother in law, who asked me if I want to go to
Florence (Italy) with her. Silly question, of course!

I don't have any pictures of the finds yet but I must tell
you about one of todays favorite finds.
I saw this floral wiggle dress, that I first thought was
vintage (from afar) and it looked a bit unusual,
so I took a closer look at it and it turns out to be a dress
from Bettie Page Clothing, and to be honest, I haven't
even checked the site out until now because I know the
stuff will cost more than I'm willing to pay for new items
and I'm more interested in authentic 1950's clothes.
(But for what I payed for it, it was a sin not to get it.)
I could tell the dress never been worn and the lady that
was selling it said that it was way to small for her (it's
a size small) and she wanted £10 but said I could have it
for £6 but I ended up paying £5. (65 Kr, $8)
I did some research and this dress actually cost £72
(950 Kr, $120) on a website but is now out of stock.
That's what I call a bargain.

Pictures borrowed from Blue Velvet Vintage.

Update 9:37 PM: I just tried it on and it looks gorgeous
with my black hair, tan and curves.


mallis said...

Riktigt snygg! Grattis till fyndet.

Little Rascal said...

Tackar. Ja, den ar inte sa pjakig faktiskt, speciellt inte for 65 kronor. :)

Rosie Unknown said...

What a gorgeous dress! I will be looking into that brand, if the rest of their stuff is as nice as that, I think it may be worth the money!

Kisse said...

Jag vill se bild på dig inuti den klänningen! :)

För övrigt: Skickade ditt paket igår. du borde få det till veckan!
Ring och berätta om du gillade grejjerna!

Rosina Lee said...

Wow, well spotted! right place right time!

Idun said...

ihhh! vilket fynd, sådana fynd kaan man leva på i flera veckor :)

Kitten said...

Oh, I bet it looks fantastic on you! You've really got a great eye for finding bargains...

Linnea said...

Wow vilken klänning. Hoppas du fick en stor och gosig kram från bullen:)

Little Rascal said...

Rosie Unknown: Thank you very much.
It doesn't look like they use weird material like Stop Staring does.
I wouldn't pay $120 for any dress though. :))

Kisse: Det ska ordnas.
Jag vantar fortfarande, kommer nog imorgon.

Rosina Lee: Thank you sweetie. :)

Idun: Ja, i alla fall en vecka tills nasta car boot sale. :))

Kitten: Thank you darling. :)

Linnea: Tack! Joda, fick en massa slabbiga pussar och nafs. :)