Tuesday, 30 June 2009


We had one awesome party Saturday just gone.
Twenty crazy rockabilly's under the same roof.
I was the bartender, very generous with the Jagermeister and
Tequila, I might add, and managed to get half of them so drunk
that they didn't even know their own names by 3 AM.

Sue, me, Fay and Alan in the back.

Andy and Greg from Slim Slip & The Sliders + Rob.

Fay, Wolka, Rob and Greg.

Jam session at 2 AM.

Now to something completely different.
A couple of hours before the party my vacuum cleaner exploded.
My man was an angel as usual and drove to the supermarket and
got me a new one.
I was mowing the lawn today, I managed to finish the front one
and almost the whole back one as well before the lawnmower
decided to die as well.
What are the odds of that?!
Am I cursed?!

I've bought toys for my cousins kids and picked up some stuff for
my family and exchanged money while I was in town today.
We're off to Sweden tomorrow!
We're gonna stop by Peter from the Go-Getters tomorrow after
we landed for a cup of coffee before we go to my hometown.


Miss Wink said...

Oh my, you girls look so pretty!
I guess it's good you didn't had a beached whale at the party... ;)
Looks like you had a great time!

Electric stuff tends to die at the same time, one after one.
I had the same experience with my last fridge and my hairdryer, both within 2 hours!

Little Rascal said...

Spanks dear.
The honey puff didn't turn up.
Next time baby!

I know, that shit happened last year or the year before, the toaster, kettle and something else.

Betty Bottom said...

Oh, The Go Getters... Last autumn one friend of ours and her wife had their 50-years-party here in Finland. The Go Getters played something like 7 hours there. I had to stop dancing somewhere around 3 am just to get my lovely new shoes out of my swollen feet. :) It was so awesom! Have a nice trip to Sweden! My bloke just arrived from there. :)

Zizzi said...

I think that usually we people buy things like household-machines at the same time (when we move, or something), so they "decide" to brake down at the same time. Our fridge and dishwasher broke at the same time, expensive and boring!