Thursday, 25 June 2009


Today I were listening to early 1980's Depeche Mode while
painting the bathroom and got the brilliant idea that me and
my man should go and see them at Arvikafestivalen while
we're in Sweden, for nostalgic reasons.
(It's not far at all from where my dad lives either.)
And the geezers from my old gang are gonna be there as well.
I checked the price for a one day ticket and got a chock as it
turns out that the ticket is 695 Kr (£ 56) per person!
I actually thought it was a joke, back in the day when I was
going every summer for three days I payed the same amount!
I changed my mind, I'm not that nostalgic after all.
I'm gonna take my man skinny dipping and maybe barbecue
a couple of veggie burgers instead.


Miss Wink said...

Take my words for it; it's not worth even 200:- to see Depeche in 2009. They're not what they used to be...!

anna said...

The prices of festivals have gone up so much during last couple of years. I'm paying 56 euros to see Social Distortion this Saturday (plus the Sounds among with some others, it's a festival). It's a lot.

Bethany said...

Last time they came to Detroit, I had to pass because of the price too. Now they aren't coming to Detroit on this tour and I kind of regret not seeing them when I could have.

Shake The Disease is my favorite early DM song!